My Experience as a Pet Psychic and Spiritualist

I am a world renowned, experienced and trusted medium and pet psychic. My extensive work in helping people and animals has distinguished me as an expert in the psychic field.


As long as I can remember, I knew what animals were thinking and feeling. I had no idea that not everyone understood them to the degree that I did. There were many people in my history that told me that my connection to animals was different, but I was not exactly sure what that meant.

Animals communicate to me through pictures; sounds; thoughts; feelings and impressions… So, we all have the ability to communicate with animals no matter what language we speak because while we are verbalizing, we are subconsciously forming pictures in our mind. The animals are reading the pictures and the emotion behind our language — not the language itself.

Today, I continue to help my clients understand that they can have a deeper more meaningful bond with their pet. When you come to me for help, I open my heart to your animal, and to you. I cannot promise miracles, though they sometimes occur. What I do promise is that you and your animals will have my heartfelt attention during our time together, and that after we’re done, you will feel a greater connection with one another and a sense of peace about the choices that lie ahead.