Hello and Welcome to Psychic Healer of Granite Bay.

Hello Granite Bay, I am deeply connected to the spirit world, and I specialize in relationships and love. I receive my guidance from the good Lord above. I can help you with your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. I have been doing readings for over 37 years, successfully helping many individuals in finding their heart's desires. Let me help you find balance and peace in yours.

Do you have questions about your relationship, where you're heading in this lifetime, can't sleep at night, trying to figure out what business is best for you, there's so many times that I surprise myself on how well I am able to pick up on someone's energies and see the change i can make in someone's life.

My job is a gift, and I owe it all to my beliefs. I am no one without the help of my spirit guides.

Come and see me, I will not only tell you what to do, but guide and show you, so you can maintain your spiritual growth on your Journey. I am here to help. I specialize in reuniting the separated. My readings are non-judgemental.

Let there be Good health, happiness, love, joy & prosperity to you. 


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