A palm reading will give you insights about your present situations. It reads your personal and spiritual characters strengths and abilities. It is more generalized, no set timing. I go from the vibration that I feel from you and the lines in your hands together.


Tarot cards is a reading a lot of people enjoy. It's something for you to visualize. As I am able to read them, I go off the vibration that I feel from the individual and the tarot cards together.


Is a program from the sun with a lot more detail. It will tell you about your past, present, future, love, marriage, business and prosperity, good news or bad news, but everything is the truth. No set timing.


Provides solutions in life's every days problems in the comfort of your own surroundings using Tarot Cards.


Provide me the name and date of birth of your loved one and I will let you know if he/she is the one.


Clients typically call me in times of stress. Their animal is behaving strangely, and their veterinarian has ruled out a physical cause. Their cat has mysteriously stopped using the litter box, or their horse is balking at activities he used to enjoy. Or they have lost the company of a beloved animal companion, and want desperately to reconnect.
Sometimes, an animal has become angry or sullen and my clients know something is terribly wrong, but they don’t know what it is. Or, the people who call me may be grappling with the anguish of their animal’s critical or terminal illness, wanting to know whether he wants to soldier on, or if the time is nearing for a gentle transition form his physical body.
There are as many reasons to call me as there are individual animals, but the people who call me have one thing in common: they need help. They want to understand and hear, from their animal’s voice, what he needs and wants. They would do it if only they knew.
When you come to me for help, I open my heart to your animal, and to you. I cannot promise miracles, though they sometimes occur. What I do promise is that you and your animals will have my heartfelt attention during our time together, and that after we’re done, you will feel a greater connection with one another and a sense of peace about the choices that lie ahead.